We need to move our body… period. There is no need for me to try to explain this; we all know it but we just don’t do it. 😀 We live in a society that is telling us to do things all the time, like this: “Eat this and that, find a well paid job, go to the gym, get married, have children, be polite, go to school so you can find a job that makes you sick and crazy and yes, my favorite one, smile all day long… even if you feel like crap… and so on and so forth. Taking this into account it is pretty hard to trust what society says nowadays, but this thing is true,

10 steps to feel comfortable as a vegetarian

10 steps to feel comfortable as a vegetarian

  We all met bullies when it comes to choosing a vegetarian lifestyle and it’s never easy to let them pass unnoticed. When I was in my transitioning period from a standard diet to a vegetarian lifestyle I faced a lot of bad words and even nasty looks, for the simple fact that I didn’t choose to eat meat. People can became really mean when they want to, I am sure that you know it; but I know for a fact that people are not bad just for the sake of being bad, people become defensive and they revolt on things that they don’t understand well enough. At first I wasn’t very delighted to face other’s opinion on my life

Homemade HUMMUS

Well…we are doing it! We are going to talk about this wonderful recipe that I absolutely love. First of all I want to mention the fact that since I discovered chickpeas I am a happy girl when it comes to comfort food. 😀 …because yes, sometimes I just love some fuzzy homemade hummus, made with love for me  and for those I love. Hummus is a Middle Eastern food and it’s made from chickpeas as a main ingredient. It also contains tahini, which consists mostly of sesame seeds (excellent source of calcium and amino acid methionine), salt, olive oil, lemon juice and if you like, a bit of garlic also. Frankly you can add or take any ingredient you wish,


Long time…no writing. A lot happened, good stuff for which I am thankful every day, but now I am back to have some fun … I missed writing… Have you ever thought for a second what your life would look like now if you hadn’t forgot your worth along the way? I did… many times and I still wonder, from time to time, what my life would look like today if, for example, I hadn’t listen to my parents to follow a school that I didn’t love, if sometimes I didn’t tried to hide my feelings or my voice or my opinions to the rest of world. What would have happened today if yesterday and the day before yesterday I

Chocolate Banana Muffins

These are my 1st homemade muffins and let me tell you that they came out unexpectedly delicious. They are light, fluffy and full of flavor and most important: they are very easy to make. I bet that a 4 year old toddler could easily bake some 😀 . You need just a few, easy to find, ingredients such as: Whole flour (aprox 2 cups) Baking powder (1 tea spoon) 2 ripe bananas Cinnamon (1 tea spoon or more if you like) Sparkling water (aprox 1 cup) Sweetener (I used brown sugar ¾ cup) Vanilla (I used ¼ from a vanilla stick) Oil (around 3 table spoons, you can use less if you wish) Chocolate flakes (just sprinkle as much as you


I don’t even know why I haven’t made it earlier; I am talking about almond milk of course 😀 ! Since normal milk (aka: cow’s milk) is not my choice anymore, I discovered almond milk in supermarkets. Well I have to admit that it tastes amazing and it has a lot of flavor in it, but when my obsession with reading labels has been unleashed, I wasn’t truly happy with all the ingredients, especially with the 2% almonds mark. What the f..k? If its almond milk, I believe it should contain more than 2% almonds in it right? Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing substitute for cow’s milk, for multiple reasons that we are going to talk about in


I am not sure if every one of you heard about buckwheat, until now, and I am pretty convinced that most of you didn’t taste it so far. Let’s change that! 1st of all, buckwheat is a plant that is cultivated for its grain-like seeds, it tastes great and you can cook it in so many different recipes. You will love the taste of it. You can make salty recipes or sweet recipes with buckwheat…it is so versatile. 😀 2nd of all, it is a super healthy produce: Amazing source of high quality protein Great for high blood pressure Non-allergenic and good with your digestion(gluten free) Helps with drawing out retained water It’s not a grain, so doesn’t contain gluten


Not very long ago, I had the feeling that I began to see around me more and more injustice, increasingly more sad people, more hypocrisy, increasingly more stubbornly … and the list can continue on and on. I had the feeling that the world is changing for the worse, as everything I dreamed when I was a kid was now an illusion and that true happiness is really a child’s play, and we are now adults … and how to play ?! It is intolerable to live as an adult with a child’s soul, right? Not to say about those famous words that our parents tell us when we are little children: “Enjoy childhood as it lasts, as you’ll see


Do you have any idea of how sweet, colorful and juicy is the watermelon juice? Have you ever tried to juice watermelon? Well… I can tell you that last week, in a Tuesday morning, my senses were pampered. So, like I said, Tuesday morning…I got up a bit earlier than usual. I opened the fridge, and there it was: one big sweet watermelon. It was exactly what I need it that morning…a juicy vibrant fruit. So I decided to juice it and to make myself a big jar of watermelon juice, for the 1st time in my life. I must tell you that I was both excited and curios. Well… The recipe is pretty hilarious, as you can assume: Watermelon


What do you want to see in the world? What defines your life? What displeases you? Who you are now and who you want to be in the future? These are all matters that, certainly, we have questioned at least once in our life; and if not, it might be a good idea to reflect on them. We just walk through life, through the memories we have, through the experiences we’ve been living, through the present moment and through the reflection that we project into the future. That’s it! Many times I imagined, probably the same as you, a different world, a better world than today. Pessimism doesn’t have a place here; it is just our human self-improvement feeling that