We need to move our body… period. There is no need for me to try to explain this; we all know it but we just don’t do it. 😀 We live in a society that is telling us to do things all the time, like this: “Eat this and that, find a well paid job, go to the gym, get married, have children, be polite, go to school so you can find a job that makes you sick and crazy and yes, my favorite one, smile all day long… even if you feel like crap… and so on and so forth. Taking this into account it is pretty hard to trust what society says nowadays, but this thing is true,

JOGGING – for fun

“The body achieves what the mind believes” – Jim Evans I am sure that all of you heard about jogging and almost all of you practiced this way of moving, at least once in your life. Nowadays, jogging is very popular among people and it became a nice way of exercising, keeping your body in a good shape and keeping your health in an optimal state. Well, jogging is not such a new fancy way of exercising if we take into account the fact that jogging equals running and running, of course, is as old as our species. I know! You will say that jogging means running at a gentle pace for long periods of time, while in the human

Why physical activity is not a spoiled act?

I think I hear around me, at least once every 3 days, that it is important to exercise. Almost everyone is talking about it and everyone advises, always someone else, to engage in sport, because it’s serious stuff. The world agrees by moving the head up and down and swears that it will not pass another day without any specific bounce. Usually, the talks begin in spring or summer, before the supreme test, the bathing suit, and they disappear gradually by the beginning of autumn; let’s make it clear that most of the discussions remain at the level of discussions, without physical involvement and especially without remorse. My ex-boyfriend, the TV (we almost broke meantime … mismatch character), in the