Dear Fear, take my hand!

Dear Fear, take my hand!

You were here since I can remember and it seems like you are going to stay, although, to be sincere I am not such a huge fan of yours. I don’t like at all the feeling of powerlessness that you put in me and for sure I don’t like the million thoughts per second that you put in my mind. In fact I hate it! I hate each time you show up because you remember me about how fragile and sensitive I am. This is a fact; like it or not, it’s true. When I was little I was terrified of darkness and especially terrified of sleeping alone in the darkness; I just couldn’t deal with this and for some



This morning we stopped at a gas station to fuel the car; nothing special so far. As I sat in the car, waiting for my colleague to return from the cash register, I couldn’t help myself to observe, just a little bit, all the people that were passing by. This is an interesting practice that I like to explore now and then; it’s very interesting to watch people, to observe all their gestures, to see how they react, to see their body language, to see if they smile or if they are sad, to see that every one of them has their own story, to live and to tell. We are all so different, yet so beautiful, each of us


Long time…no writing. A lot happened, good stuff for which I am thankful every day, but now I am back to have some fun … I missed writing… Have you ever thought for a second what your life would look like now if you hadn’t forgot your worth along the way? I did… many times and I still wonder, from time to time, what my life would look like today if, for example, I hadn’t listen to my parents to follow a school that I didn’t love, if sometimes I didn’t tried to hide my feelings or my voice or my opinions to the rest of world. What would have happened today if yesterday and the day before yesterday I


What do you want to see in the world? What defines your life? What displeases you? Who you are now and who you want to be in the future? These are all matters that, certainly, we have questioned at least once in our life; and if not, it might be a good idea to reflect on them. We just walk through life, through the memories we have, through the experiences we’ve been living, through the present moment and through the reflection that we project into the future. That’s it! Many times I imagined, probably the same as you, a different world, a better world than today. Pessimism doesn’t have a place here; it is just our human self-improvement feeling that


“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” -Voltaire If you ask me, the feeling of freedom is an essential feeling for the human species. Nothing compares with freedom and nothing can be put over it. We are born free and we will die free, or at least this should be the case. I thought about freedom and what it represents, but mostly at what we think is freedom. My conclusion was that we define it in a vague and superficial way and we don’t fully understand what would mean to be truly free. It is hard to imagine freedom in the true sense of it because,

BELIEFS, DREAMS & REALITY or… The true Law Of Atraction

BELIEFS, DREAMS & REALITY or                        … The true Law Of Atraction Everyone wants a single thing from life: HAPPINESS! That’s all! For some people this sounds very complicated and for others sounds very simple and normal. For both categories of people happiness is all, the “Alfa & Omega”, “the last frontier”, “the cheery on top of the chocolate cake”, shortly said: the essence of life. In my point of view happiness is our true nature, we are happy by default. Imagine a newborn baby in his mother’s arms, smiling just because he exists and because he feels alive and safe. This is the “print” which we bring to this world, the desire to be happy no matter what. We


   … “Free your mind and the rest will follow” – great song I believe that the best answers come from a place of quiet and stillness. This is not a story! This is true! I am sure that you all know that when you are thinking and thinking and again… thinking, usually, you don’t manage to get the right answer to a problem or the right solution for a specific situation and sometimes you might not even find a solution at all, due to the huge amount of thoughts that are running through your mind over and over again. This is when frustrations and worries enter in our life, the moment in which we forget to live in the


Why authentic? First of all, what means to be authentic? Let’s start this, by defining the word: authenticity. According to the definition, authenticity means the quality of being authentic; the quality of being genuine, real, true and accurate. This sounds pretty easy, but in fact, how many of us experience authenticity in our life? Better, how many of us have the courage to be and to express the authentic state of our soul all the time, or at least…sometimes?