I know a lot of people that just hate autumn. They don’t like it less than summer, or less than spring, they actually hate it…and they are pretty serious about it. 😀 I might get in trouble for even suggesting that there could be another side of the coin. 😀

Autumn announces the entering of the cold weather and the end of sunny and bright days… and if you look it that way, it’s indeed depressing. But wait just a second before judging it. Let’s watch it from another perspective.

What if I told you that autumn can be (and it is) an awesome season?

And no, I am not crazy, and yes, I do love summer, I actually love all the seasons, but for several years now, I just appreciate autumn more than ever and in a whole new way.

Let me be more specific and let me suggest 5 “outrageous’’ reasons for which autumn could be (and it is) an awesome season for all of us, but especially for vegetarians:

  1. Autumn brings us a lot of joy by introducing us with the fruits and veggies of the year. 😀 This is the period of time when we can eat the best fruits and veggies ever, the fruits and veggies that were ripe under the sun’s love, all summer long. Without any further introduction, let me present you the kings and queens of the season: apples, butternut squash, grapes, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, pears, onion, kale, celery, cabbage, blackberries, arugula, beets, broccoli, cranberries, chard, eggplant, figs, garlic, different aromatic herbs, dates, plums, mushrooms, persimmons, corn, pineapple, pomegranate, sweet potatoes, kiwi, avocado… and the list goes on and on. Most of these fruits and veggies can be bought locally in autumn and indeed some of them are imported, but, this is the time when you can find them in their best possible quality and at the cheapest prices. 😀veggie salad cooked pumpkin
  2. Pantry time” period! 😀 Autumn is the season in which we have fun in the kitchen preparing our pantry for winter and spring. We can spend quality time with the loved ones preparing things to eat in the winter such as: pickles of all kinds and forms, we can freeze fruits and vegetables, we can dry out herbs and spices, we can store starches in dry dark, cold places, we can prepare tomato sauce and homemade tomato ketchup for the winter, we can store nuts and seeds, we can even make some wine in our own home. In this period of time we take advantage of what fruits and veggies were ripen in summer and in the beginning of autumn and we prepare with them nice things to eat in the cold season, each of us in our own way (cultural cuisine). zacuscaspaghetti
  3. Autumn is the perfect season for inner knowledge and inner work and the perfect season for self-love and self-appreciation. In autumn the nights come earlier and this causes most of us to enter home at a much early hour than usual. We can transform the evenings into our own advantage. For example we can spend more time with our loved ones, watching a nice movie while eating the perfectly cooked pumpkin pie, or we can choose to meditate for half an hour before going to bed, or we can write in a journal, or we can drink a hot cup of tea, or we can go to bed earlier, or we can read more, or watch educational documentaries on global warming, saving the planet, contributing to the collective evolution, etc. This season resonates with inner work in my point of view and it’s amazing for reflection upon our own thoughts… Some of us might think that autumn is even romantic. 😀New earth - book
  4. Some of us like to exercise in the evening. In the summer this is impossible because of the heat, but in autumn…boy, this is a delight! If you are like me and you don’t have time to exercise in the morning, you will for sure understand me when I tell you that autumn is the perfect season for jogging, doing gymnastics and roll around for an increased heartbeat 😀 . This season you can start to exercise outdoors and you can start to move your body in a perfect harmony with the weather. This is a huge advantage; you can put the bases to your workouts in autumn and even in winter and after that you will be trained enough to resist the heat in summer. 😀 … at least this is my opinion. Summer is good for starting to work out, but just in the morning unfortunately. feet on the ground
  5. The last but not least, I love autumn for its spirit and for the energy that it holds. What I mean about this? Well, you know, the trees look spectacular, the leaves start falling and you can play and jump around them, the rain starts and we all love the sound that rain makes on the top of our roofs, the house gets a bit chilli and you “have to” hug your loved one to get warm 😀 , you can cook the most amazing veggie soups and stews ever, we can cover ourselves in warm blankets, have a warm bath, we can chat and chat at family dinners and walk around the streets in warm clothes all day long, etc.autum in the park


These are just a few things that I enjoy about autumn and I am sure that you appreciate them too. We always have to find the positive side of each season and to embrace it as it is. For us, vegetarians, this season screams from the top of his lungs: “I am autumn, the season of peace and inspiration!”

May this autumn be an amazing one for all of us!!! 😀


“Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him.”

Hal Borland

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