green planet I get very emotional when it comes to Earth, the blue planet. I almost get speechless. I do hope, however, to chill out and write with passion about the incredible place that all of us chose as home.

My love for Earth has roots in childhood, since the times when my father was reading enthusiastically books written by Isaac Asimov (for those who do not know, Isaac Asimov was an author of science fiction). He was always reading at least 1 page before going to sleep. I remember that I was laughing inside of me when his hands were trembling under the weight of the book and finally, the book was landing surely over his eyes, and then….. He was asleep! When I got older I started to see all sorts of documentaries about Earth and I loved to talk about them, about the Universe , black holes , matter, Big Bang , aliens , fauna , flora, environmentalism , climate , etc. My friends now know what happens if you provoke me to s a discussion about the above mentioned things: I don’t have any chance to stop … AT ALL!

birth planetWe may not realize it yet, or perhaps we never thought about it, but we dependent on our planet, literally. We, as biological organisms, depend entirely on Earth. If you ask me, I’d say that we depend on the energy found here also, but that is another discussion. More than that, the blue planet depends on us also, in part. She depends on our behavior and on our every day decisions.  We are all interconnected and nothing and nobody can change that, even if somebody wants to. When I say “we” I mean all the species who live here; people or dogs, cats and giraffes, flies or bees, flowers and trees, fish or snails, inevitably we are all Earthlings. Can you contradict me when I say that, for example, my dog, Athos, is an earthling? No you cannot! He lives with us on Earth, so he is an earthling, with legal papers also 🙂 .

Earth is alive, like us and lives, like us and like any other creature in the universe, by universal laws. And if we’re nice guys, it’s hosting us with care and compassion.

Really … how Earth would be if we start acting like nice persons? What would happen if we go back to basics a little bit and realize that Earth is not a trash can. In fact we invented the notion of garbage; Terra does not create things that are not bio-degradable. All that is on Earth, naturally, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

blue planet

We are at a point in our existence, where we have forgotten about the status of renters and we are trying to become masters here on this planet, unfortunately! But we, as humans have the ability to learn from mistakes, and we should be honest with us and say in one voice: “We screw this up”.

With the risk of sounding corny, I really think that it is NOT impossible to tilt the balance back to a clean & breathing world, with green lands and blue oceans, a world where those who do not speak and those who do speak claim their rights to life and to a beautiful home, as it was meant to be, a world where our children are happy to come to life!

The “Hug Earth” section is intended to bring to the attention of us all, useful information on simple things that everyone can do to help the “general cleaning” of our planet and information about the effects of the big industries over the environment and what to do in this respect, and other points of interest in and about environmental protection.

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6 thoughts on “Blue Planet and Earthlings

  • Thursday September 18th, 2014 at 01:35 PM


    Pentru a “imbratisa” Terra fara ca obrazul sa se inroseaca de rusine trebuie sa intoarcem fata cat mai repede catre alte metode de furnizare a energiei, care trebuie sa fie neaparat ecologice, si sa lasam deoparte arderile hidrocarburilor care vor aduce cu siguranta incalzirea globala si de aici nu mai este decat un pas spre haos. Ma uit la tari ca Olanda, Belgia, Danemarca si nu numai care parca se lupta pentru supematie in domeniul energiei eoliene, solare.
    Sa nu mai vorbim de Islanda, o tara mica, cu resurse in domeniul energiei geo-termale dar cu vointa care a realizat ce noua inca prin gand nu ne trece, si anume sa fie independenta din punct enegetic ( au orase intregi care sunt incalzite si iluminate cu ajutorul acestei energii).
    Vointa si dorinta de realizare a unor proiecte (gen- Islanda) sunt factorii determinanti care ne vor ajuta, pe noi pamantenii, sa iesim din acest impas care se numeste incalzirea globala.
    Mai jos va transmit un link pentru a confirma cele spuse de mine.

    Acum va las si la revedere !

    • Thursday September 18th, 2014 at 01:49 PM

      Frumos spus!…dorinta exista deja 🙂

    • Wednesday November 12th, 2014 at 07:00 AM

      Frumos spus si tare mult doresc pt Ro astfel de “vointa” ! Din pacate inca Ro este la capitolul vandut si facut bani pe spatele unui popor supus si controlat la toate nivelele….. Dar chiar si cei minoritari care inteleg acest proces vital sunt in stare sa se uneasca si sa contribuie la refacerea resurselor Pamantului si protejarea Terrei !

      • Wednesday November 12th, 2014 at 07:27 AM

        O sa reusim Ana-Maria! 🙂

      • Saturday July 11th, 2015 at 12:44 PM

        Nu cred ca este adevarat. Ne naestm singuri si murim singuri. Si pe tot parcursul vietii incercam sa ne agatam de cineva in speranta ca nu vom murii singuri. Sunt oameni care iubesc bani, sunt oameni cae iubesc oameni, sunt oameni care iubesc flori sunt oameni care iubesc muzica. De asemeni sunt oameni care urasc toate aceste lucruri. Si totusi universal nu se impiedica de noi. Si cand vom distruge pamantul il vom distruge doar din prostie.

        • Friday July 17th, 2015 at 09:53 AM

          Iti respect opinia si ma bucur ca ai citit articolul 🙂


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