glass of waterI know you hear this all the time: “Drink your water!”

But why?! Why drinking water is so important? Why all the media is screaming in one voice the message, over and over again, like a CD put on repeat?

Well… the media is made of people right? Some of them are extremely well intended and they really want to spread a positive message concerning water consumption, while others are paid for promoting water consumption from a certain company. I am sure you are familiar with the multimillion-dollar water businesses on the entire globe.

I must say I am “a little” pissed off when it comes to water market because I really don’t understand why water has to have a market in the first place. Why a certain company can choose a water spring and start bottling that water and then sell it to us. Water should be free, in my opinion. Some of you might say that I am too idealistic or naive, but I am not. We should not put a price on water; instead we should put real value on water and guard it like we would guard a diamond…because it’s the Earth’s diamond, offered to us with love and grace. Why is this so hard to see? 

We have to stop poisoning the water, we have to stop treating water like a commodity, we have to stop saying that we cannot do anything, we have to stop not carrying about this subject, we have to stop being so ignorant. Look at the bigger picture, see what’s happening, and see how our tap water is poisoned with chlorine, arsenic, fluoride and who knows with what other chemicals, every single day…and after all of this, the water companies sell us their bottled water, a logical and profitable step I would say.

While drinking water might be very important, in my opinion, the most important is what water we drink and from what source. Even if you buy bottled water that is supposed to be clean and “pure”, as we are told so… is not always the case.

We will see why in the following lines, after we speak a little bit of why drinking water is important for our health in general:

duck on a river

75% of our body is made of water, as I am sure you already know and more than a half of our planet is covered with water. This being said, it’s clear enough that water is indispensable to us as a species. Water feeds us, transports, dissolves and replenishes all the nutrients and organic matter in our body and then it carries the waste out of the body. Water regulates all the functions in the human body and balances out the blood system, the lymph system, and a lot more….let’s say that every human cells depends on water. 😀

This being said I am now sure that we all understand why it’s crucial for us to drink clean water, or at least the cleanest water we can get.

Bottled water is not always a good source, but might be a better source than tap water if you know for sure that your tap water is full of chemicals, for example. There are a few companies that sell, let’s say pretty good water, but there are just a few in a vast majority of companies that sell water.

Unfortunately we live now in an age in which we don’t know what to consume anymore; we don’t even know what water to drink. Do you think our ancestors had these problems? Do animals have this problem? Do they wonder if they should drink water form a river, from a lake, or from the salty ocean? I don’t think so. We are the only species disconnected from nature in such a way that we cannot distinguish between what is good or bad for us.

full glass of water

I hope I haven’t depressed you too much, because this was not my intention in the first place. My intention is to bring into your awareness facts and information that you might miss, that you might not know or that you might reconsider. We need to get informed about life in general and in this case about water; we mustn’t believe everything that we hear in the media, because they are saying just a small part of the story, the part of “drink your water” and that’s all, when the story is not that simple anymore in today’s society… unfortunately.

In the 2nd part of this article (will follow) we will see what options we have for drinking clean water, how can we improve tap water, what type of bottled water should we consume and least but not last, how can we improve the molecular structure of the water using our own thoughts and feelings and what effects does this action have upon water and human body.

So we can do something, exciting right? 😀

Until than I am asking you to always search for answers at questions that you have apparently no answer and to stay opened to other answers at questions that you assume you already know the answer for.

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