“I have wanted to write this letter since forever. First, I wanted to say that this is not a manifest of hate and it doesn’t have the intention to offend anybody and I am sure that a lot of people will agree with me, at least at some point.

I grew up as a normal kid, in a normal family who taught me what is good and what is wrong, based on their life experience. I was never rich nor was I poor. I had a lovely childhood and a lot of friends. I was a happy child with a lot of energy who never actually dreamed about a super fancy future; except for the fact that I had in me the desire of being in the center of attention…..seems pretty normal for a child right? :d

In my early 20’s I started noticing that…well…life was not as perfect as I thought… for everybody.


Some of the people that I knew or people that I only heard about were getting sick with modern society diseases and frankly, this was scary. I never in my life saw the number of pharmacies skyrocketing the way that I see it nowadays. Besides this aspect I noticed a huge increase in packing material for our food, such as plastic and paper; now most of our food is pre-packed in materials that harm the environment the most. I started noticing the pollution in the air, the chemicals found in our food, the pathogens found in our water and the last but not least I started noticing the suffering that we cause to a lot of animals and human beings that live on this planet. The whole system in which we live today is kind of …broken and in my point of view it needs a fix right away. All the problems that I mentioned before made me search for answers to them. This is how I approached the idea of veganism, vegetarianism and raw-veganism.

I found a lot of materials about the idea of consuming plant based foods and about the impact that this thing has on our body, on our environment and on our planet…and it fascinated me, from day 1. I found a beautiful community of people who supported each other in their journey of changing their diet and it seemed a pretty good idea…and it still does, don’t get me wrong. :d At the same time I had to face all my demons, all the things that I have learned in my life about food, about what is good versus what is wrong to eat, I had to confront my friends, my family and myself in ways that I never thought that could be so difficult and I am sure that all of you did the same as me and you already know how challenging it can get. I am not complaining at all, I just want to remember to all of you that we all come from different places in our lives and for each and every one of us, the challenges can be from easy to extreme, it depends on a lot of things.

I have noticed in the last 2 years that the loving community that I have met about 5 years ago started going nuts all the way.  I never in my life saw so much hate towards other people than what I saw in the vegan community. Vegan fellows started fighting with each other about different aspects about their diet; some of them support one type of diet and others another type.  Vegans fighting with raw-vegans, vegans fighting with vegetarians, vegetarians fighting with raw-vegans, vegans, vegetarians and raw-vegans fighting with people that eat all kinds of food…you get my point. This is crazy!!!  Please stop!


We are not perfect and nobody is. We are all doing the best we can from the place we are in right now. The common point and idea is to eat as healthy as possible for ourselves, with the least amount of suffering caused to other beings and with the smallest negative impact on our planet. Isn’t this all about?  This is the kind of community in which I want to be. I want to feel inspired and maybe to inspire others by example.

I am not perfect, starting almost 4 years ago I stopped eating meat for good and I started eliminating dairy products dramatically; now 90% of my diet or maybe more is plant-based. I stopped buying leather products and I am in constant search for buying all sorts of products (for hygiene, for cleaning the house, make-up products, etc) that are environmental friendly and that are not tested on animals.  For me this is a huge accomplishment and I walked this path step by step with joy and fear at the same time. I am happy to call myself a learner and I progress with confidence further on. Maybe for some of us I represent a classic failure for not being able to call myself a 100% plant based person and I used to consider myself a failure for not being able to align 100% to the community requirements…but you know what? I managed to make a huge progress with myself and this is my focus now.

Please imagine what would happen if the majority of people on this planet would slowly progress into a plant based diet, what a huge impact that would have on all of us. What if the majority of people would eat meat once a week, or eat dairy twice a week and instead would eat more fruits and veggies? What would happen if people would choose to buy leather free products, but still eat 1 egg/ week? Isn’t this called a progress? Why not appreciate and support a person for progressing into the plant based lifestyle, even if it is not perfect from the beginning?…maybe he will never be or maybe he will become the best version of himself and succeed on this lifestyle 100% of the time.

We are all together in this and we all have the same purpose, only the path is different. :d

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If this community is strong and supportive we will manage to inspire millions of people all around the globe, the science is now on this side of the fence and all we need is patience, love and respect towards each other. We need to respect and celebrate each progress, because each one of us is an inspiration for others. We won’t manage to convince anybody if we have an attitude of hate and superiority towards each other, at least this is how I see it.

I love animals more than you can imagine and this is a very important subject for me, but I also love people, especially conscious people that progress. I love my husband for progressing each day on this path and I love my parents for eating less meat and dairy and I love my friends who are curious on trying plant based versions of the animal foods. They all progressed immensely and this is what matters and I can put a bet that some of them will become 100 % plant based very soon.

In the end I want to mention that I love and respect each one of you that live this lifestyle with dedication and hope. You inspire me every day!

Let’s all find a place in us that supports any kind of progress, from the smallest to the biggest one and I am sure that this planet will become a better version. Let’s see the full side of the glass! Let’s stop putting labels on us and on others and let’s work together to bring to light the truth about the food in our society, about the animal cruelty and about the environmental issues. This should be our main focus…and I am sure that people will follow people who live as an inspiration. This will happen naturally. :d

If you think that this message should be heard by many people, please share it.

We all need it!”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     With hope,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        My imperfect self




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2 thoughts on “A letter to all vegans, vegetarians, raw-vegans…or whatever you want to call yourself

  • Tuesday January 31st, 2017 at 12:30 AM

    Thanks for this!! “WE all need it” totally 🙂

    • Tuesday January 31st, 2017 at 07:57 PM

      You welcome Vicky! I need it too :*


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