Not very long ago, I had the feeling that I began to see around me more and more injustice, increasingly more sad people, more hypocrisy, increasingly more stubbornly … and the list can continue on and on. I had the feeling that the world is changing for the worse, as everything I dreamed when I was a kid was now an illusion and that true happiness is really a child’s play, and we are now adults … and how to play ?! It is intolerable to live as an adult with a child’s soul, right? Not to say about those famous words that our parents tell us when we are little children: “Enjoy childhood as it lasts, as you’ll see when you grow up that being an adult sucks.” What an encouragement! What an advertisement made to life! What a depressing and unfair idea it’s for a child who dreams of the future with so much joy! … And how many things and words are imprinted in our children heads, things and words which we do not give great importance but have a great influence on the little ones, and sometimes they influence or change their life for the worse.

And this is how we make the 1st steps in our adult lives, already depressed , and if we are not already depressed, we can be sure that on our way people will do their best to tell us how unfair life is , how hard it is to succeed , how impossible is to breath and walk quietly and confidently on your way.

We continue to perpetuate ideas about life that only bring us suffering and despair, that tie our hands and feet and possibly throw us a handkerchief in our mouth to not howl from so much injustice.

Do you have any idea of what a young man will meet in his lifetime if he was told , that life is a joke , that no one will take him seriously, that money is hard to win and it is won only by a certain category of people (thieves and liars , people without God) , that decisions are made only by the strong, that dreams are for cinema films , that eating healthy and natural as possible is a vantage invented by those with money, those who can afford and not for us mere mortals … and so on and so forth. That is why we associate money with evil, and because we are good people, we are doomed to remain poor all our life. Understandings of this kind are on all roads. What would have to say a man that worked his way out of poorness by his own feet and managed to live now in abundance?

From what I see around me, young people have two options: they either begin their adult lives already discouraged or sometimes resigned, either they begin hopeful, but they get discouraged relatively quickly. But before I get a depression, I want to shout out that there is another group of young people that found a 3rd option : no matter how many times they were told that ” life sucks ” , they refused to believe , they declined this idea from their belief system , young people who live in the same society like all of us do, chose (because yes , it’s a matter of choice ) to believe that at some point their dreams come true , they chose to wake up every day with a smile , they choose to be themselves any time of the day , they chose to remember , despite the wave of negativity , what they actually are, simply just taking a look at their own childhood … and remembering that the man sanctifies the place and that they write their own way , as they did when they were children.

Please note! They do not live their lives in a “parallel universe ” where everything is perfect , instead they live in the same place as the rest of us ; the difference is that they choose to see perfection in everything, they see the bright side and observe the situations and things that they don’t like and then try to change them for the better.

Many of them take a holistic view upon life, they see the mechanism in its entirety shape, no matter if they are adults, the child inside them sees and knows everything they need to know. They don’t believe that life is unfair but simply they see that we reached the point where we are because of us and that this should be changed; and change comes from within, it is not a cliché or a word in the wind … this is the simplest solution and is at hand.

DanceWe must remember that we are all capable of great things, that we are able to fulfill our dreams, just remember those days when we were kids and took the days one by one and we didn’t put pressure on the future , we didn’t doubt for a moment of how wonderful and perfect our life will turn out , but at the same time we lived in the present and because of this we lived each second with high intensity, even at school or at the doctor, or when I were punished , all the time we were able to find something to laugh. I think we need to start each day with the same attitude as when we were children… what we have to lose?

I can hear the chorus now “we will be disappointed”

Are you sure? Does not worth the risk to see if it is so, or not? And what if you will not be disappointed at all; or at least, what if you will not be disappointed just for once in your life? … Just asking 😀

Let us remember who we really are! Let’s keep the things that are helpful and change what we do not like, let’s increase our ability to observe those around us , our planet , the laws of nature, the animal kingdom and change our attitude and perspective on how this life really” sucks “…because it doesn’t :D!Remember who you are

I believe life is how you wish to see it…JUST REMEMBER!!! 😀

Have a perfect day … like you!!!

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