I want to begin by saying that each one of us has passion hidden inside. There is no human being on this Earth who doesn’t have passion for something. Passion is our true nature and usually it’s discovered by listening to ourselves.

I hear a lot of people saying that live your dream and share your passionthey don’t have any passion and because of this they don’t fell motivated to do anything. Instead, they are doing activities that they hate; they are surrounded by people that they don’t like, listening to music that puts them in a bad mood and so on. These are habits that start in childhood, for most of us and they continue, unfortunately all our lives, without us learning that this is the perfect environment to discover our true passion, that thing that makes us happy and excited when we do it, or when we imagine doing it…and I am not talking about sex :).

I am talking about that feeling that makes you fell like the most amazing person in the whole universe, that feeling that says: “I am whole when doing this…” This is true passion in my eyes, that feeling of knowing that what you are doing is amazing for you and resonates with your every heart beat. It’s like an explosion of bliss but in the same time it is the most peaceful feeling you could ever feel… and this, darling, is PASSION!

view from topI want to talk a bit about doing things that we don’t like, for example: going to math classes because our parents think that this is the best for us when in fact we like science classes, dressing in pink just because it’s girlish when in fact we like blue, listening to rock music just because it is cool when in fact we just love classic music, working in an office because this is cool when in fact we would love to work outside or not work at all, wearing office clothing when in fact we would rather wear jeans and sport shoes, spending tones of money on brand clothes when in fact we don’t care about this aspects of life and we would rather raise a dog with that money, watching a stupid movie when in fact you would rather go for a walk in the park by yourself and so on and so forth.

But wait a second… this could be a chance for us to discover what we truly love, because if we know what we hate and we know what we don’t like, we can find out what we truly love and like to do in life, and this my friends it is an amazing tool to master. So bless the things that you hate, because they show you what you don’t want and what you are not and they guide you to the things that you do want, which will eventually show you who you truly are and reveal the passions inside of you.

Deep down inside, every one of us knows what they like, but because society is trying to align everybody in a certain way, we sometimes forget about our feelings and we learn to numb them until  we really don’t feel anything. This is the moment when we find out that we don’t know what to do with our lives and sometimes we become depressed and self aware of the bad decisions that we took and aware of the fact that we did exactly what we promised ourselves to avoid, by any means. Well this is a crucial moment for us. This is the moment when we should observe the situation in which we are and to decide further on if society rules will continue to guide us, or our own feelings. Believe it or not, many of us choose to continue to submit to the society rules and to crush again and again their crying heart. But I know that you are not one of those people .

Some of us are very lucky, or better said are very intuitive and stubborn (in a good sense) that they know what they want since their early childhood and they follow their bliss further on; of course this is not my case :). Some of us are also very lucky to know what they love to do since their early childhood but they are told that this thing that they love is stupid and has no importance and because of this they stop following their joy and they choose a “better” path, also not my case 🙂  and then, the majority of us that don’t have a clue of what we would like to do, in our early childhood and we are struggling with what to do in life, deciding something and then reconsider it 10 times after the 1st decision and yes…this was my case :). Being part of the 3rd category I found out what I loved to do and what my true passions are by first finding out what I didn’t like to do, to say, to fell, to experience or to be; and then I searched for the opposite and I found out who I really was. Bad experiences, uncomfortable feelings, people you don’t like, activities you rather avoid, etc, are all messengers for you. They show you what you don’t like or want, or want to be, in order for you to realize who you are and what are your desires for life.

This being said, if you didn’t find out what your passion is in early childhood or in teenage period, it isn’t late. I know it sounds weird but what you dislike in life will guide you directly to your passions.

Don’t believe me, just try it for yourself and you will see the magic 🙂Passion for music

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