Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone”

Andy Biersack

I have so much to say about this subject and so much to share with you, my friends that I feel a day won’t last me to write this article; but I will try to organize my thoughts into logical sentences

happy kidWe are all born with the sense of confidence in ourselves; all the kids have confidence in themselves, by default. Taking into account the lack of courage and self-expression that we see today in the world we can assume that somewhere on the road we lost our confidence and our personality. When did we start to appreciate others ideas about life, more than our own ideas? When did we start to believe that others know better than us? When did we start to copy other people’s behavior, just because they’ve reached their own goals? When did we start to dress approximately the same, just because a designer decided that purple is the color of the year? … and I can continue with the questions, but you got the point!

Being a very curious person, I asked myself these questions and of course that I have found an answer, but this is just my answer because it’s the product of my own personal questioning patterns. I believe that we started to lose ourselves in the moment in which we choose other system of beliefs, different than the one that resonates best with us. The moment in which we trust other person more than our own person, we lose the confidence in ourselves and we forget to stand up for what we believe in, because our thoughts become uncertain and hard to hear. We are facing this, more or less, because the society, in which we live, for the moment, managed somehow to erase self-confidence from our minds and reprogrammed our thoughts to match a certain pattern, a pattern which is easy to control and to manipulate.

We are always shown a “perfect” way to dress, by all main stream ways, we are shown what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, we learn how to think, when to think, how to speak, when to speak, what is appropriate to say and what is not, what is good and what is wrong, we are bombarded with commercials that wash up our brains, we are thought that working in a corporatist environment is heaven on earth and so on….and that is just a frame of our “copy-paste” society.

be-differentYou might say that we have a choice, and if you say that, I am glad that you realized it. Yes we do have a choice, we always have one, but how many of us choose to follow our dreams and stand up for what we believe in, without regrets, taking the full responsibility for the totality of our actions? How many of us? Not too much I would say, but enough to build confidence and hope, for the rest of us that are drowning in the lack of courage. Because they might have brain washed our minds, but they didn’t stole our soul, and here my friends, I believe that we can find all our answers. Might sound a bit corny, but this is the truth!

I am sure that you all met persons that have high confidence in themselves and stand up for what they believe, even if are considered… let’s say different. Usually these are the people that you enjoy spending time with, these are the people that are true and don’t offer you nasty surprises; they act accordingly with their beliefs and they always respect others opinion, but they are never week and they don’t let others to bully them. I just love being surrounded by this kind of people!

Look for what you love and seek inside, your true values, what makes you happy and what makes you tremble, what gives you the joy of life and what takes it away and when you will be sincere with yourself, your soul will show you again who you really are, underneath your already created cover. If it seems hard to find out who you really are, what you enjoy about life, its ok, you still have a choice: to find out what you don’t like about life and then seek for the opposite of what you don’t like it and maybe here is your answer. Really it is very simple; we just need to have courage to overcome the belief that other opinions are better than our own and then we will be truly free.

Imagine a world in which we celebrate the differences between us, a world that doesn’t judge without knowing, a world that embraces individuality, a world that puts on the pedestal inspirational people, that offer solutions and original ideas about life and for life, not fake images of “not real” people who just play a role, the role of being happy…I think this is the hardest and useless role to play in life, the role of perfection.

Express yourself with kindness, be true, respect others, don’t be arrogant and be understanding with the ones that are not on the same page as you, they are not bad people; they share just a different opinion. Always try to motivate your choices, maybe you can help others on their journeys, maybe you can inspire them to become what they have always dreamed about, but never explain yourself or offer apologizes for being true to yourself!

…and the world will become a much better placewhite horse

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