“The body achieves what the mind believes”

– Jim Evans

I am sure that all of you heard about jogging and almost all of you practiced this way of moving, at least once in your life. Nowadays, jogging is very popular among people and it became a nice way of exercising, keeping your body in a good shape and keeping your health in an optimal state.

Well, jogging is not such a new fancy way of exercising if we take into account the fact that jogging equals running and running, of course, is as old as our species. I know! You will say that jogging means running at a gentle pace for long periods of time, while in the human race’s history, we were sprinting (an act of running over a short distance at full speed). But wait a second! Both of them, jogging and sprinting, means running, right? So I am entitled to say that jogging is a way of running and it’s not such a big deal because we should be used to run, it is in our genes.

joggingYou don’t have to be a genius to figure out that running is part of our life. We run since we learn how to walk, and we run all the time, laughing and having a good time in our bodies. These days, this healthy and natural behavior, holds until we go to college and physical activity is not mandatory anymore. When do we lose the pleasure of running, and why? Seriously, why after we turn 16 or 17 we lose the pleasure to run? Why suddenly this act of moving becomes boring, stupid and especially WAY TO HARD?! This is something that must be questioned by all of us, because all of us used to run, not for losing weight, not for being fit, not for fashion, but for fun.

I will try to answer this question, from my perspective, and I will share this answer with you. Most of us hate running because we don’t see any utility in “making this effort” in general, because we fell pain at first, because we get tired, because we don’t have patience, because in our days there is no lion to hunt us, because we lie to ourselves that we don’t have time, because cars were invented, because computers and TV’s offer us the “pleasure drug” while munching at a big plate of ice-cream, bought without a problem from the supermarket, because we forget how it was to be a child, because we don’t know what damaging effects have our 8-9 hour office job’s to our health, both physical and mental and because we forgot how we used to fell as children, running and laughing at the same time, just for the joy of life, just for fun. That’s why!

But no problem! We can remember, we are curious and smart and as all species on our planet, we seek for pleasure and not for pain, for easy “to do’s” with the most amount of benefit.

And here comes…drums please….JOGGING!!!

  • JOGGING is the most natural and funniest way to move in order for your body to be healthy and perfectly fit, and your mind clear and positive
  • JOGGING brings pleasure by triggering the release of endorphins, the hormones responsible for the installation of heightened feelings of euphoria. This form of running has been used for years to treat various addictions and even depression. Jogging helps us to be able to focus in a new direction of joy and happiness
  • JOGGING is pure fitness for your heart. It promotes good cardiovascular health; strengthening the heart and helping it run more efficiently. So those who run at a gentle pace, moderate distances , are more protected against heart diseases
  • JOGGING, particularly that practiced outdoors, in nature, can do wonders for your body’s health. A strong immune system is based on a good general condition and jogging trains all major systems of the body , from the cardiovascular and respiratory to neurological and endocrine system
  • JOGGING helps you kill the unwanted body fat
  • JOGGING helps you sleep better in order for your body to rejuvenate properly over the night
  • JOGGING brings sex to another level, because of the circulatory system improvements, especially in guys
  • JOGGING tones up the muscles and the skin, making those legs irresistible
  • JOGGING keeps up with the natural rhythm of life and helps you reduce stress and anxiety
  • JOGGING is an excellent form of active meditation

When you start running (and I hope you do) I recommend wearing comfortable clothes and especially comfortable shoes, preferably created especially for running. This aspect will make your running period a real pleasure and will protect your joints.

At the beginning, running will seem hard, but remember it’s just a phase and this sensation of hardness will pass very quickly, sometimes after 10 minutes of running constantly. Running shouldn’t be hard, because is part of our nature, but because we forgot this aspect when we were teenagers, now we have to have patience with our body and remember and retrain it back towards it’s perfect state of being; it is nothing wrong with that.

I truly hope that running will become a part of your life, if it’s not already, and I hope this article inspires you to choose to be vibrant, relaxed and healthy by embracing the most simple, yet brilliant workout in the whole world: JOGGING!

Now…don’t waste your time and jog for fun, jog for life, jog because you can do it!

1, 2, 3 ……….GO!


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  • Tuesday April 21st, 2015 at 01:42 PM

    Bine zis!!!Uitam!!!sau chiar….nu vrem!!!Din pacate!!!Poate la un moment dat o sa ne trezim la realitate si o sa vedem ce este bun pentru noi!!


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