I think I hear around me, at least once every 3 days, that it is important to exercise. Almost everyone is talking about it and everyone advises, always someone else, to engage in sport, because it’s serious stuff. The world agrees by moving the head up and down and swears that it will not pass another day without any specific bounce.

outdoor running

Usually, the talks begin in spring or summer, before the supreme test, the bathing suit, and they disappear gradually by the beginning of autumn; let’s make it clear that most of the discussions remain at the level of discussions, without physical involvement and especially without remorse.

My ex-boyfriend, the TV (we almost broke meantime … mismatch character), in the rare moments when we still get in touch , he almost says the same thing: ” For a healthy life , exercise at least 30 minutes every day ” .

Is this a serious thing? I say YES, with capital letters. I don’t want to be misunderstood that is a problem to talk about sport or even to make it publicly. On the contrary! The problem is practice or

better said the lack of it. And the lack of it is killing us … literally.

Certainly women with two children at home, a husband and a 9 hours / day job, deadbeat, would choke me for good, if I dare to bring into discussion physical activity. At first glance it would seem natural to be so, but it is not.

Since ancient times, from the Big Bang onwards, since Adam and Eve, since Stone Age, since we climbed trees for fruit, since the invention of the word, since … you get it. Let’s just say that since the beginning of the world human species was an active one (climbing, running, wrestling, dancing, migrating, etc.) because this was the course of life. They had no car to take them from point A to point B, had no food processor, vacuum cleaner, washing machine and not 9 hours/day spent in the office sitting on their ass. I know that you can tell me that they didn’t use their brains too much, and we now work with the brain not with the body, but I think that our ancestors used their brain enough for the period of time in which they were living, but that is another discussion , irrelevant here .

Life itself is movement! To evolve, you have to move, to breathe and to enjoy life and if you don’t move at all, you stiff, rust and stagnate. This is what it’s all about. It’s about us feeling great in our own bodies, in shape, vibrant, it’s about living life at the capacity that we were given, exactly as it was meant to be.

So let’s move… from PLEASURE!!! As we like, doing what we love and being happy that we can do it, others would like to be in our place…

Movement should not be a chore and should not be made ​​because it’s a social task. Movement is so natural, so human and so essential and it’s vital. You can move anywhere, not necessarily in the gym. You can run in the park, you can walk with roller blades, with your scooter, bike, by feet, you can swim, dance, do Zumba, aerobics, yoga, wash dishes, rugs, play with children, climb stairs, go to the market, make love, climb mountains, go to the rink and many more.

But let’s see how it works with “exercising” and why I’m insisting on this topic:

When you start any physical activity, your muscles begin to work harder, and for that they need energy, so the lungs begin to vent faster for more oxygen. The oxygen is released into the blood from the heart, which pumps faster to ensure the optimal amount of oxygen to your muscles. The physical activities in which the heart and lungs work harder for a longer period of time are called aerobic exercises. Along with exercises, oxygen is transported in the blood with the help of red blood cells and arteries become more flexible, also more blood capillaries are formed in your muscles for faster oxygenation. Muscle mass grows and strengthens and this applies also to the heart muscles, they become stronger and efficient and can work better. WE BECOME STRONGER!

There are lots of benefits that physical activity gives you, so it is worth to mention a few:

• improving body shape and muscle flexibility

• strengthening bones and keeping their density strong

• maintaining weight at an optimal level

• strengthening the cardiovascular system

• reduce the chance of disease and increase life expectancy

• reduce stress levels and increase self-confidence

• improve sleep

• revival of sex life

• improving the elimination of toxins through sweat

• improving transport of calcium

• improve social life


You also have mental benefits:

• When you exercise regularly, you don’t have symptoms of depression and you can focus more easily

• When you practice sports, pituitary gland releases endorphins that give you pleasure and the status of “high” …legal high J

• people who exercise daily are always in good mood

• exercise helps mental detachment from the everyday problems


And when I think that all these benefits are guaranteed by our mere existence, or at least this is how it should be, if we were moving more than we are now in the “Seat Age”, a total unnatural age.

It is important to have physical activities to keep us young and strong and we have to introduce them in our day by day routine, with and from pleasure.

How do we do this?

By choosing those activities that make us happy and keep us motivated, and taking into account the multitude of options, I refuse to believe that there is not even one that excites you and makes you take time for. In a future post, we will talk about the options you have in this field and what are the most effective physical activities, addressing this subject from of several points of view.

Tell me, please! Did I manage to convince you, to rotate your wrists when you wake up in the morning or take a walk under the moonlight, at least?

From the bottom of my heart … I hope so!

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