I know a lot of people who skip breakfast just because they go to work and they don’t have enough time in the morning to eat something. I used to be one of those people 😀 . I remember I was waking up without any idea of what I would be eating that day and most of the times, I thought: “I am not hungry now…so I won’t waste time to actually find something that I would eat later in the day”. Of course later on, I would be starving and around 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon I would choose something to eat from any store, anything but healthy, day after day, stuffing my face with food…because I was really hungry. Is this familiar to you?

Well, things have changed and I learned that it’s pretty easy to have a healthy and satisfying breakfast even if you wake up at 6:00 in the morning or even earlier. Most of the people are used to have their lunch at work, without any kind of problems, but breakfast… well breakfast it’s usually skipped because of the lack of time in the morning or because “ it’s not appropriate to have breakfast at work”. Why is not appropriate? I cannot understand…

Back to business! Of course you don’t have time in the morning to actually prepare something healthy and satisfying, you have to take the dog to a walk, you have to wake up the husband also, you have to feed the kids, your pants must be ironed, you didn’t even brushed your teeth and you probably can’t even find the right shirt to fit your pants 😀 . We all know this… 😀

This is the reason for which I came up with 5 easy ideas for a healthy breakfast at work in summer that will keep you nourished and in a good vibe at least until lunch.


orange juice and cherriesFruits are the easiest way to have breakfast any time of the year, but especially in the summer. What is easier than grabbing some fruits and eat them at work for breakfast? In summer you can choose cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, melons, watermelons, apricots, etc. Except the watermelon that needs a bit of preparation, but not too much (just cut it in the evening, put it in a casserole, a large one, and keep it in the refrigerator until morning), all the other fruits need 0 preparation work, you just wash them and eat them. That’s it!

Now, because the fruits are low in calories, make sure that you eat enough, eat until you are satisfied. I usually eat just one type of fruit for an optimal digestion, but you can try to have a fruit mix if you like to (but don’t mix melons with anything else, they digest well by themselves). So fruit is easy, is super healthy, high in fiber, high in water content and super nutritious.



almond milk and bananaAlmond milk and cereals are super easy to bring to work; you just need 2 containers (1 for milk and 1 for the cereals), 1 bowl and a spoon. That’s it! You can also add to this perfect combo some raisins, bananas, nuts or seeds and a dash of cinnamon. It’s really tasty and nutritious and it will satisfy your appetite for a pretty long time.

You can buy almond milk (or other type of milk that you prefer) from any supermarket or you can make it by yourself at home. From 1 L of almond milk you can have 3-4 servings, so it’s perfect for you to share it with your loved ones. Here is my recipe: https://www.dearfruitsmile.com/plant-based-living/almond-milk/

Please choose healthy cereals that don’t contain sugar or preservatives, it’s best for you that way.



pita sandwichesI know you all like wraps and sandwiches as much as I do, so I think it’s a perfect idea for breakfast anyway. You will say that it takes time to make a sandwich or a wrap, but actually you can make this in the evening and in the morning you can grab it straight away and live to work with an amazing meal.

You can put in the sandwich or wrap: tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, carrots, hemp seeds, olives, hummus, lettuce, parsley, bell pepper, potatoes, tofu, beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas or any other vegetables that you have in your fridge and make a delicious and healthy breakfast, for you and for your loved ones. You know what? If you prepare the wraps or sandwiches a day before, you can prepare the breakfast for your whole family. It only takes a few minutes and you will be sure that your family will be satisfied.



breakfastI bet you all like this combo. Peanut butter and jam is an old breakfast idea that we got from movies. Personally I didn’t even knew what peanut butter tasted like until 2 years ago when I was amazed by its taste.

It works perfectly for breakfast and it’s super easy to make. You can keep the peanut butter and the jelly at work and you can bring from your home just the freshly toasted bread.

Just toast the bread in the morning, or even in the evening, but it in your bag and voila, you have a perfect breakfast. You can eat it with your favorite tea aside or with fresh squeezed orange juice… speaking about orange juice now 😀



fresh orange juiceI know! You will say that you don’t have time to squeeze juice in the morning or to blend some fruits with greens and add a tea spoon of spirulina… but you can squeeze the juice from fruits and veggies in the evening and put it to the fridge right? Homemade juices lasts in the fridge for 24-48 hours, depending on what kind of juicer you use (another topic for other article), so you are right in the range, you will only keep your juice in the fridge for let’s say 12-14 hours, it will still be fresh and ready to be consumed.

Regarding the smoothies…it’s ridiculously easy to make a smoothie. Just trough in the blender some bananas and another fruit and maybe some greens, pulse for 1 minute and…here it is: the perfect smoothie. You can take it with you in a glass container and there you have it. 😀

There are numerous recipes of juices and smoothies that you will enjoy. Not every morning have to be the same. Once you learn your favorite recipes, you will be in love with your blender and your juicer 😀 .


These are my 5 options for today and I really hope it helps you to realize how easy is to bring breakfast to work and to have the first meal of the day in perfect harmony with your ideals.

What is your favorite one? 😀

What other ideas you have for breakfast at work?

… Please comment in the section below

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