I usually buy and eat arugula whenever I find it fresh and crispy in the supermarket, even though the supermarket is not my favorite place for buying greens, fruits or legumes. Unfortunately, I cannot find arugula at the farmers market. Anyway … I just absolutely love this amazing plant, first because it tastes amazing, 2nd because I can combine it with lots of other foods and 3rd because it is extremely nutritious and healthy.

When I 1st tasted arugula it seemed a bit bitter to me, because I wasn’t used to its flavor, but after a couple of times I felled in love with it. Taking this into account I have decided to make a small research on this delicious plant and guess what I found out guys:

  • Scientific name is: Eruca SativaArugula
  • It has large amounts of chlorophyll J
  • It helps with cancer prevention because it contains a lot of phytochemicals
  • High in potassium, iron and copper
  • High levels of vitamin K
  • 90% of the leaf is composed of water so it’s very hydrating
  • Rich source of vitamin A
  • Arugula can also help reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Arugula contains lots of fibers which helps with your bowel movement
  • It increases your libido
  • Great source of antioxidants
  • Strengthens the bones and the brain
  • Keeps you immune system in top shape
  • Helps in weight management
  • Protects the liver and helps the blood circulation
  • Very rich in vitamin C, the best is to eat it fresh
  • High in calcium
  • Important player in DETOX

fork_and_kinfeAnd believe me that’s not all!!!

This beautiful leaf can be eaten in lots of ways and in different combinations made in your own kitchen. The best 5 ones in my opinions are:

  1. SALAD:

(3 hands) of Arugula + (½) lemon juice + (1 ripe) avocado+ (10) Cherry tomatoes) + (1 teaspoon) Sesame seeds


(1 cup) of Arugula + (4 slices) of tofu + (4 slices) of whole grain bread +

(1 hand) of Kalamata olives


(3 cups) of Arugula + (3 cloves) of garlic + (1 tablespoon) virgin olive oil + (a pinch) of salt + (3 medium) tomatoes + (1 teaspoon) of lemon juice, all blended together in your blender

  1.  WRAPS

(4 normal) wraps + (4 cups) of Arugula + (1 hand) of cashews blended with (1 small) avocado + (1 small) red onion+ (500 grams) baked potatoes + (1 medium) bell pepper + spices (preferred oregano)


(3 hands) of Arugula + (a pinch) of salt + (2 cups) of whole flower + (10 grams) of yeast + water

You can eat this leaf in a lot of different ways but the above mentioned are my favorite ones. Arugula or the rocket salad (you can find it also by this name) tastes like crunchy nuts with a bitter flavor and it’s just incredible for your health and you can truly say that it is a real pleasure eating it because it tastes perfect.

So…don’t wait anymore and buy yourself some arugula and prepare a delicious meal for you, your friends and your family and don’t forget to prepare it with love!


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