Spring-Cherry-TreeI have been waiting for May every day of my life and when it’s finally here, I live each day with joy delighting my senses with the distinctive taste of cherries. I dream of cherries all year long. Between me and you, in May… I live for cherries; and I believe that cherries live for me and for you also. They are sweet, juicy, colorful, full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, as if they are drawn from a children’s story with rosy cheeks. What else can you wish for?!… A delight for the body, mind… and soul, because cherries bring to me a lot of joy.

I have not met anyone who does not eat cherries, nor would I like to, because fruits, all fruits, are the basis of our food as a species. In this regard see Dr. Robert Morse’s book:

But let’s know them better, deeper, beyond their perfect taste with the sweet fragrance of spring-summer, beyond colorful market stalls and price per kilogram. Cherries open the local fruit season, the season with flavored fresh fruits… and this begins somewhere in mid-May.

I learned over time that in nature nothing is accidental, nothing is accidental in general, but much less in nature, which is why I realized that cherries have their own well defined role, which is to open the way to the regeneration season (physical, mental and spiritual). After the cold season, here comes the queen of fresh, ripe and local fruits: CHERRIES.

From and about cherries we all learn and take a lot… as follows:

  • They help in treating muscle pain
  • They improve the quality of sleep
  • They help prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer through their important content of Vitamin C, beta carotene, anthocyanins and quercetin (antioxidants)
  • They improve memory capacity
  • Cherries do wonders for blood pressure; it is a very effective adjustment factor
  • They have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, equivalent to ibuprofen, but without its negative parts
  • Their consumption helps reduce uric acid in the body (largely increased due to high consumption of animal products)
  • Cherries are an excellent food for your figure; they have few calories and are recommended to be consumed in large quantities in order for you to benefit fully from their therapeutic effects next to reshaping your silhouette
  • They are a real help in kidney disease (gravel, pyelonephritis, kidney infections, etc.)
  • Cherries promote an amazing digestion
  • They are perfect for improving cellulite by their detoxifying effect
  • The tails of cherries can be used in beverages (tea) for kidneys and flu
  • Freshly picked cherries from the tree are living foods that come bundled with important digestive enzymes, vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B group) easily assimilated, priceless minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, copper… and good mood
  • Cherries do wonders for your skin and it gives it a pleasant and healthy look
  • Picking cherries directly from the tree is real fun, especially for those who love climbing trees, like children… or for those less small
  • … And why to minimize their beauty: Cherries are the most beautiful earrings to wear, beyond any fashion and style. They fit perfectly on outings, on the seashore at sunset and sunrise, both for the left and right ear; for children and for ladies who have not forgotten to have a good time.

It is very important to consume fruits, vegetables and legumes, locally grown as much as we can, that does not compare to any other food brought from overseas or processed in so many different ways. Besides all the issues that I mentioned above we should not forget that we are resonating best with the food that is grown in the area where we were born, from the energetic point of view and that we are assimilating more easily and almost without any effort all of the nutrients and the vital energy found in locally produced food.


Undoubtedly I was blessed to live in a country that has a lot of cherry trees, nature’s treasures… thank God! So let’s take care of them and thank them for providing us beautiful fruits and clear minds, not cherry wood furniture…

… It’s May! It’s my perfect month that I wait for, every day… so have a great appetite and good inspiration for the earrings!

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