Well…we are doing it! We are going to talk about this wonderful recipe that I absolutely love. First of all I want to mention the fact that since I discovered chickpeas I am a happy girl when it comes to comfort food. 😀 …because yes, sometimes I just love some fuzzy homemade hummus, made with love for me  and for those I love.

Hummus is a Middle Eastern food and it’s made from chickpeas as a main ingredient. It also contains tahini, which consists mostly of sesame seeds (excellent source of calcium and amino acid methionine), salt, olive oil, lemon juice and if you like, a bit of garlic also. Frankly you can add or take any ingredient you wish, except the chickpeas, the water and tahini paste. 😀

ingredients for hummus

My hummus recipe sounds like this:

  • Chickpeas around 300 grams (uncooked)
  • Tahini paste around 2 full teaspoons (you can find it in any health store or even in the supermarket, or you can make it by yourself; there are plenty of recipes out there)
  • Salt around 1 tea spoon (you can use more or less depends on your taste, I personally love less, but when I cook for others also, I tend to put a bit more salt)
  • Water – 1 cup (depends on the texture that you prefer)
  • Olive oil around 1,5 tablespoons (if you are up for a low fat hummus, you can easily skip this ingredient; I tend to do this very often)
  • Lemon juice from 1 medium lemon (optional, but I personally love a bit of sourness in my hummus)

For the design of this dish:

  • Curry powder (as much as you wish)
  • Paprika – 1 dash
  • Olive Oil (again this is optional)

For the best and healthy hummus ever, you have to soak the chickpeas in water for 12-24hours before you start to make the actual recipe; this is so good for your digestion and it helps your body to absorb the nutrients in the chickpeas in a more efficient way.

After that soaking part, put the chickpeas to boil until tender. Please rinse the chickpeas with cool water and then put it in your blender with the tahini paste, salt, water, olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Guess what? Press the ON button on your blender and blend those ingredients until you come to a smooth paste. 😀

We cannot make hummus without decorating it’s ass off 😀 …that’s why we have  to put the hummus into our favorite bowl and decorate it with curry powder and paprika and some olive oil or any other type of spices we love. This is heaven!!!

We can eat it with toast and veggie sticks, such as celery sticks, carrot sticks, bell pepper sticks or cucumber sticks, we can spread it in a veggie wrap, we can eat it with rice, in a salad or we can eat it just with our fingers. 😀 ….you got the point, it’s a very versatile dish.

It feels normal to me to remind you the fact that the hummus paste it’s pretty healthy: it’s rich in minerals and vitamins, high in dietary fiber, high in protein, high in antioxidants, it’s gluten free, nut free and dairy free (for those with allergies). All of these benefits in this tasty amazing dish that can satisfy anyone.

You should definitely try it out and remember that the store bought hummus doesn’t stand a chance next to the homemade one!

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  • Monday July 10th, 2017 at 12:41 PM

    Reteta asta o fac ori de cate ori am ocazia ,datorita tie !!!!Este delicioas hummus-ul!!


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