Or better said…”how do I burn my suitcase” with this title?

Because I slept well last night and I don’t have dark circles under my eyes, I thought I should roll up my sleeves and start writing fast, because this is a subject, that I am very sensitive in opening it here, on the pages of this small blog, where we speak and speak … hopefully without getting tired at all.  🙂

I will start by mentioning that this post, like all the others, doesn’t have the intention to upset you, and it represents strictly my vision upon things, after a few quite interesting years of reading and practice. Also, I describe myself as being a simple person, I do not have a degree in medical sciences, I don’t sell anything and I don’t represent any company.

I just need from you an open mind and a relaxed attitude.

Let’s take it step by step, with baby steps of course.

As we already know, the omnivores consume both animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) and plant based products (vegetables, beans, fruits, grains, starches etc).

Vegetarians eat plant based products, dairy and eggs, and the strict vegetarian, called “vegan” eats only plant based products. Shortly said, the vegetarian, doesn’t love meat at all! For sure we have also other types of vegetarians, but this is another subject that we will be approaching in another post.

If we look closely to the definitions that we tried to develop above, it seems like the vegetarians are, stupidly and unexplainably, missing the meat. Our precious and daily meat, the one that gives you strength and sharp mind, irreplaceable protein, vitamins that are unavailable elsewhere, the mother of all mothers of essential amino acids and all other crap, of course, unavailable elsewhere. Only…GOLD sir! … Nothing else but gold. But is it really gold?

I had the great opportunity to read some pretty damn good books and to see a few documentaries with big influence on me, about: nutrition, environment, wellness, health, spirituality, science and other great subjects, that offered me a different perspective over the things that I thought I already knew. For those who are interested, I will put in the end of the post, the names of the books + authors, and also the titles of the documentaries that deserve to be seen, in my point of view.


Leading Authority in the field of medicine and nutrition, but also, balanced people with good intentions, people who want to change the world, true visionaries, those who have the courage   to speak and to be different, managed to open my eyes and capture my attention through hard work, scientific research, but mostly by their experience of a lifetime. They were able to bring to the surface gruesome truths about the big industries (pharmaceutical, medical, food, etc) and to dismantle one by one, the myths about the alleged healthy food that we are “educated” with, systematically from an early age. Very important is that these people, in addition to scientific research (including the largest study on nutrition ever done on people), speak from their own personal experience and the experience of tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, who had the intuition to be guided, in order to regain health, energy, zest for life, confidence in others and even in the Universe.

In the category of those who had the courage to speak out against the system, especially those who had the courage to question their own beliefs and principles of life, for the sake of truth, for those guided by intuition, but also for the purely rational people , I would like to nominate Dr. Robert Morse, Dr, Collin Campbell, Dr. Paul Bragg, Dr Douglas Graham, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Ann Wigmore, Dr. Calin Marginean, Dr. Max Gerson, Norman Walker as being ones of the true pioneers in the true nutrition, based on pure science, facts, results, on common sense, logic and natural compassion for the environment. These people deserve all our attention and our questions, and their work deserves to be studied and applied.

But don’t forget! Your own experience is the most important of all, no matter how many scientific researches were made, how many people argued, how many things were proved and how many things were removed, how many books have been written, how many films were made, how many speeches were held, how many people applauded and how many angered. Eventually everyone is choosing it’s one path and it is your birth right to make decisions, especially in the field of nutrition, a very personal field; but it is good to know both sides of the coin when deciding what is best for you.

So … I will launch an invitation to an open discussion, and invitation to study, an invitation to look inside you and to discover together the brightest side of the coin, where the devil eye doesn’t exist… and it never did. Because I do not want to get you confused I will put these words to settle easily and I will leave you in the company of a humble comparison that says a lot; with the conscientious promise that in PART II we will get into details, demonstrations, arguments, examples, person experiences, tips, ideas and relaxed conversations.



The table is inspired by: “The Detox Miracle Sourcebook” –by Dr. Robert Morse

 Recommended books 🙂 :



  • “The Detox Miracle Sourcebook” – by Dr. Robert Morse
  • “China Study” – by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M.Campbell II
  • “The miracle of fasting” –by Paul Bragg & Patricia Bragg
  • “80/10/10” – by Dr. Douglas Graham
  • “Beyond Antibiotics” –by Michael A. Schmidt

Great documentaries:

  • “Forks over knives”
  • “Earthlings” – for brave people
  • “Foodmatters”
  • “The future of food”
  • “Supersize me”
  • “Simply Raw: Reversing diabetes in 30 days”
  • “Food, Inc”
  • “Fat, sick and nearly dead”






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    Nice chart!

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      Very interesting and useful. Keep going, girl!

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    A very well-written article! keep writing!

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      I will! Thanks for the support!


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