Why authentic?

First of all, what means to be authentic? Let’s start this, by defining the word: authenticity. According to the definition, authenticity means the quality of being authentic; the quality of being genuine, real, true and accurate. This sounds pretty easy, but in fact, how many of us experience authenticity in our life? Better, how many of us have the courage to be and to express the authentic state of our soul all the time, or at least…sometimes? Today, we live in a society that leads us to not be our genuine self and to wear a mask like 90% of the time. This is not a new thing for most us, we all do it, we all have more faces, which are not a bad thing, but how many of those faces are actually real? How many of them are actually yours? We have our “job” face and behavior, our “party with friends” face and behavior, our “ I am better then you”  face and behavior, our “smart” face and behavior, our “I am so funny “face and behavior, our “ flawless” face and behavior, our “ I am a victim” face and behavior and finally, our “GENUINE and AUTHENTIC” face and behavior. The last one is our true self which we tend to hide so well under all the other faces and behaviors that I summarized above. Of course that you will agree with me, that this doesn’t make any sense to any of us, but still, we do it every day, as a normal state of being. If this is madness, why do we still do it?

We are afraid! We live in fear, because this is what we have been taught to do. I am still hearing in my mind: “Don’t act like this! What others will think of you and your behavior. They will think that you are disrespectful, arrogant, lazy, sluggish, raised wrong and they will say you are a bad person, etc” First of all I do not understand why we put other’s opinions above our own opinions and expressions of living, second, why someone should have a bad opinion, or consider inappropriate a genuine behavior of somebody in a given situation?

Oh…I see, so we prefer to lie and to fake our behavior just to be in alignment with others point of view, in order “to be safe and respectful” and more we accept any type of fake behavior just because it sound goods and not bothering, although we always say: “Tell me the truth, I rather hear the raw truth” Really?! You got the point…and of course you don’t like to admit that what is written above is true, but still, you want to prove that you can do better! Well done! This is the spirit J let’s do better in expressing our true self!

We can take 3 easy steps that will get us closer and closer every day to our real person:

Step 1:

Accept who you are, act like that and embrace the feeling of it!

Step 2:

Feel and think before you speak or act in any given situation and ask yourself a simple question: “Am I being myself right now?” The answer should always be: “YES!!!” If not…think again!

Step 3:

Speak your own truth to everyone, kindly and genuine…this should be liberating! I encourage everyone to take this simple steps, and even if they sound silly or ”to simple to work”, you will be amazed on the results. Do you imagine a world of genuine people that have the courage to express themselves exactly how they are, without being judged? I can! It would be a better world with valuable people, who accept them and others as they truly are : Authentic human beings.

As C.G. would say:  “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

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