… The true Law Of Atraction

Everyone wants a single thing from life: HAPPINESS! That’s all!
For some people this sounds very complicated and for others sounds very simple and normal. For both categories of people happiness is all, the “Alfa & Omega”, “the last frontier”, “the cheery on top of the chocolate cake”, shortly said: the essence of life.

In my point of view happiness is our true nature, we are happy by default. Imagine a newborn baby in his mother’s arms, smiling just because he exists and because he feelsHappy alive and safe.

This is the “print” which we bring to this world, the desire to be happy no matter what. We are capable of everything in order for us to find happiness and lots of people have done unimaginable things just because they thought they would find happiness.
We are all different and of course we find happiness in different things. Being happy might mean something for me and other thing for you, and this is ok because we are all infinite expressions of the Source energy, Universe or God, call it as you wish, and we came here to express ourselves through time and space in a 3D world, in order for us to expand our consciousness by experiencing life in this amazing realm that we call: EARTH. Sounds weird? Well…not really, because this is my belief after researching different perspectives on this subject, including mine. This is the belief that I trust with my mind and I feel it close to my heart and that means that this belief represents the truth for me and it will manifest accordingly.

For your point of view this might sound …not so true, because you can hold a different perspective on this subject and in this case your life will prove to you that you are right!

Life always mirrors our beliefs, not necessarily our dreams or wishes and will transform our reality according to what we believe, and this is the universal law that we call “The Law of Attraction”.
The law of attraction was presented to us like a law that brings you whatever you wish, something similar with Aladdin’s Lamp. This is not entirely true, because if it was we would no longer have poverty in the world, sickness and hunger. Law of attraction mirrors your beliefs and provides you with the exact context in which you can live according to your beliefs.
Beliefs are created by us throughout our life, but especially in our childhood, based on what we observe in our surroundings, based on what we are taught by our parents and also based on our own experiences with life. They are not necessarily the reality.Attraction

Let’s take an example:

A child is born in a family and he is always told that he is never good enough and he should have better grades and he is always compared with his colleagues. Also he is told that his parents will love him only if he is the best in school and if he has a certain behavior, if not he will be grounded. This kind of attitude applied to a child might conclude to the belief that he is not good enough and also that love is conditional. This belief will imprint in his subconscious mind and it will stay there all his life. The problem is that he will apply the belief: “I am not good enough, therefore I don’t deserve love” all his life at a subconscious level. And life will bring him proves that sustain his belief and he will not know why his girlfriend, suddenly found another lover, why he feels inferior to others, why he is afraid to speak in public, why all other people are experiencing beautiful lives and he is not. The answer to this is: because subconsciously he feels that he doesn’t deserve anything good (love), because he was never good enough. From this conclusion he will create another belief: that life isn’t fair. He wished a beautiful life and now look what happened to him, and this is another belief…and so on and so forth. Do you think this man doesn’t want to be happy and loved? Of course he does, but life keeps mirroring his beliefs, not his wishes. It is cruel to say that someone has a bad life just because he is not wishing a better one. In the same time it is cruel to say that … is just faith, he has a bad faith. Bullshit!

As we all know, all is energy and this means that a belief is energy also, which vibrates at different frequencies on a given scale. These frequencies are imprinted in our energy body. Every experience holds different vibrations that must match exactly with the vibration found in our energy body in a given moment. Let’s just say that each belief that we hold creates a pattern in our emotional body that triggers our experiences.

How many times did you wished for something, but didn’t happened? It didn’t happen because deep down inside you knew that, that thing was impossible for you because it didn’t align with your beliefs, or you didn’t think you deserve it. Or it just seemed…well…not true for you.

Now, I ask you again, how many times did you wished something and dreamed about that thing all the time and from a rational perspective seemed impossible to happen, but you still believed it will happen someday and finally it happened?
The difference is found in the belief system that we hold in our subconscious mind and the patterns in our emotional body!
It seems …. a bit scary, right? Well, the good news is that we can change any belief system we have and we can heal all the negative patterns that we have imprinted in our emotional bodies, in a conscious way, step by step, day by day, and belief by belief. We need to question ourselves what are our beliefs and if these beliefs define who we really are and want to be further on in life or if they don’t define us and we don’t want to identify with them from now on.
Some beliefs will lead to others and if we keep their track we will find the core beliefs that are the foundation of our life, and then we can decide what we want to keep and what we want to change. It is a very nice process of rediscovering who we really are but sometimes it might be difficult to “face our demons”.

When we change a belief, we replace it mentally with one that serves us and very important, with one that we believe in.

An example might be:

Core belief: “I don’t deserve love” can be replaced with a new belief:Joy

“I deserve to be loved because:
…I am a nice person and I treat people with kindness
… I am beautiful
… I want to know what feels like to be loved
… this is my natural right
… I am not my parents beliefs , etc.

After we found our core beliefs and changed them we will feel relief and bliss and we will start wishing things for us to happen, from a place of pure joy, things in which we can truly believe… and they will manifest in our reality as a prove to our inner knowledge and new born belief system.

The law of attraction always works and we can have all we need, we just need to strongly believe in the things that we wish and have a self-love attitude towards ourselves, or at least this is my perspective and experience with this subject.

Solutions and ways to improve or change your beliefs can also be found here: ( by Teal Swan) (The Work by Byron Katie)

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