… “Free your mind and the rest will follow” – great song

I believe that the best answers come from a place of quiet and stillness.

This is not a story! This is true! I am sure that you all know that when you are thinking and thinking and again… thinking, usually, you don’t manage to get the right answer to a problem or the right solution for a specific situation and sometimes you might not even find a solution at all, due to the huge amount of thoughts that are running through your mind over and over again.

This is when frustrations and worries enter in our life, the moment in which we forget to live in the “NOW”, the moment in which we lose the present moment in the detriment of past frustrations and future worries. This happens to all of us and it can be solved very easy by integrating in our lives the most powerful and wonderful technique: MEDITATION.


Meditation is well known since the beginning of times as being the best way to calm your mind, release stress, tune in with your life force, embrace your soul, transcend different aspects of life, find peace, love, strength, forgiveness and even heal.

Meditation is not strange or weird and can be practiced by every one of us, with no exceptions. You don’t need to be religious to meditate, you don’t need to be poor or wealthy, you don’t need to be necessarily stressed to meditate, and we all can choose to do it, for the sake of feeling good and at peace with ourselves. We often see a lot of people judging and laughing or even looking strange at you when you bring this subject in front of them, but this is ok, everybody is entitled to have an opinion about any subject.

There are many types of meditation techniques and each person can choose their own favorite one, the one that suits them the best, because we are all different and we are all in different places in our evolution. You can find a lot’s of information about this subject on the Internet and of course in books.


You can meditate in silence or you can mediate with music, with eyes closed or with eyes opened, you can focus on

your breath or you can focus on any other thing you choose, you can even meditate when washing dishes or cleaning the house, actually you can meditate in any moment of the day and in any place, with no exceptions to this rule.

In the beginning, most of us choose to just close our eyes, lie down and watch our breath moving throughout our bodies, until we find a place of peace and we are in a space of allowing and acceptance (great feeling by the way).

These are moments when our minds are quiet and are just focused on present moment and believe it or not, the present moment is all that is. Don’t get frustrated if sometimes your mind is just running around, instead observe the mind and focus again on your breath, body or anything else that pulls you back into the NOW. 🙂  When you experience more and more with meditation you will realize that you can enter in a state of meditation whenever you choose to do it, it just needs some patience and practice. Some of us even mediate naturally without knowing, by engaging ourselves in a space of allowing and contemplation of what is, just by being present and… some of us manage to touch unbelievable states of consciousness and achieve the “NIRVANA” state that all of us heard about.

Either way, meditation is a beautiful practice that nourishes your soul, unblocks your mind from old negative patterns and heals your body by allowing the life energy to penetrate each cell of your body and change its vibration. Meditation is not dangerous and brings only positives outcomes from practicing it.

Don’t believe me! This is the worst thing that you can do! Instead, try it and see it for yourself. It always brings great results and amazing feedback if you are patient and if you are allowing yourself to relax. Even if you do it for just 10 minutes per day, you will have great results with your power of focus, your wellbeing, your health in general and you will become a natural positive focused human being, with no exceptions. 🙂

There are a lot of great many people where you can find inspiration and support on this journey, but remember that all the wisdom is inside you. Walk on your path and you will bloom!

…So go ahead and light up the fire inside you and then light up the world!

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