What do you want to see in the world? What defines your life? What displeases you? Who you are now and who you want to be in the future?

These are all matters that, certainly, we have questioned at least once in our life; and if not, it might be a good idea to reflect on them.

We just walk through life, through the memories we have, through the experiences we’ve been living, through the present moment and through the reflection that we project into the future. That’s it!

try to comunicateMany times I imagined, probably the same as you, a different world, a better world than today. Pessimism doesn’t have a place here; it is just our human self-improvement feeling that is telling us to build something better, every day, for us and for those around us. “To notice” is not the same as “to criticize”. These actions are diametrically opposed. To evolve, in any field, you need to have a beginning, a point “0” from which to start and an area of “”” to tend to, there is nothing pessimistic in this, on the contrary. You cannot know what you truly want, without knowing what you do not want, and you cannot discover these things without experiencing life as it is. I think this is why we live in a dual world in which you do not know what is “down” without knowing “up”, if you don’t experience “white” you have no idea what can mean ” black “, and if you do not know what is “down” you cannot imagine what means ” up “and especially “the very top”; and there is nothing wrong with that. We are in the perfect place to see all the facets of a diamond. What an opportunity we have!

Every day we draw conclusions, approve or disapprove things, actions or even people and in this way we begin to imagine their opposite. Our human nature tells us to strive and to cling to the things that make us happy and this is the reason for which we also see the things we do not like, in order for us to do something different in this regard. Now I can hear the chorus: “What can I do, I’m a simple man against the system… How can I change the world since it is the opposite of what I wish? I’m too small so I can’t do something about this, ” WRONG … or wrong is not the best word, I would say … FALSE!

Have we thought about it? How many other people share our principles of life? How many other people would do the same things as us, how many other people approve our opinions and how many other people are thinking the same way as we do? I’ll tell you … a lot of people, much more than we have ever imagined. The problem lies not in the ability of the majority to move towards a better world, a normal world I would say, but in the lack of trust that people have in their own person. The problem lies in this sentence: “I can’t do anything against the system, I am too small”. Here is the issue.

However, we learn, from the 1st hours of school, that every problem has a solution. As I said above, there is not “white” without “black” or “down” without “up”.

kid singThe solution lies in one sentence: Speak up! Talk about your truth, about the things that you believe in, about the things that are not pleasing you, how you would like them to be, about your real personality, about good, about bad, about all the things you’re concerned with, about everything you are passionate about, about what creates you discomfort, about what will make you vibrate with joy, about the changes that you would like to make in the world and about what stops you, about the things that you consider weird , about what is real and what is not, about who you really are, behind intellectual glasses, behind your ironed neckties and behind your perfect coverage foundation … And you will have a big surprise, the surprise of your live. Who will provide that surprise to you? Simple! Others; others like you, social censoring brothers will come and join you and they will talk too, about them and their beliefs.

Dear ones, we are the system! The system doesn’t consist of politicians and “big” corporate people, even if they would like us to think like that. We are the system, we who are many, we who have the right to freedom of expression, we who can act according to our own principles every day, we, the ones that can decide for ourselves and for our loved ones; slowly, we make ourselves heard, we just have to speak up; with honesty, openness, without fear, on the contrary, full of hope and motivation. We have so much to do, from love and passion, from conviction not from hate and shortcomings, but from sincere desire.

Each of us influences those around us, through the actions we do, simply, easily, without a bit of forcing. We don’t have the means to force someone, because everyone’s truth comes from a place of confidence and peace. No one feels forced from this kind of space. In this way, things move forward and shape according to the collective passion. We have the chance to live our dreams , to overcome every barrier , because : “Where there are many, there is more power !”.

For the ones that didn’t questioned themselves regarding this subject, I gathered, from my own experience, 8 easy to follow steps, for rediscovering yourself and remembering your purpose:

  1. Find out who you are! Be honest and try to rediscover yourself, as an individual. My advice is to take a look at the time when you were a kid. What were your dreams? Who were you? After finding the answers to these questions, you can be sure that you have rediscovered yourself. You remembered who you are.
  2. Make a resume of the experiences you’ve been through so far. What did you like about them, what influenced you, what disappointed you, what marked you, what made you laugh and what you liked most about them?
  3. Analyze yourself, now, in the present. How much of what you were when you were a kid, you kept today? You’ve kept the joy, zest for life, energy? You have the same bliss? There are no right answers to these questions, just the honest ones; just try to be true ok?
  4. You have reached a point in which you can realize if the person who you are today is the same person that you have always dreamed about becoming, when you were a child. Now you can realign with your true identity … you remembered!
  5. Look around you, around the things you created and around what people have gathered near you. You created the world around you exactly as you wanted, or would you like to change something? If so, what?
  6. Be open with yourself and with those around you. Speak from your point of authenticity, and share with other you’re newly found truth.
  7. Pay attention to those around you, what they expect from you, check if you are on the same wavelength, teach them to respect your personality and not hinder your point of view.
  8. ACT according to your beliefs, just as they are and find people with the same vision of life.

Now you can build the world in which you always dreamed to live! Congratulations!

express yourself

When I followed these steps for myself, I was shocked to discover how untrue I was to myself and how much I have let myself influenced by the exterior world. I forgot about my inner child. These steps helped me to remember ME, my purpose and to stay true to myself. I go through them whenever I feel lost and I mix randomly into the world with my head up.

I hope these steps will help you too… and for those who managed to keep their authenticity since childhood until now and those who have the courage to speak up, because yes, there are such people … You rock! You are very strong!

… For the rest of us, we have tools and solutions, do not forget that. Just speak up… And we will able to reshape the world according to our collective desires!

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