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This morning we stopped at a gas station to fuel the car; nothing special so far. As I sat in the car, waiting for my colleague to return from the cash register, I couldn’t help myself to observe, just a little bit, all the people that were passing by.

This is an interesting practice that I like to explore now and then; it’s very interesting to watch people, to observe all their gestures, to see how they react, to see their body language, to see if they smile or if they are sad, to see that every one of them has their own story, to live and to tell. We are all so different, yet so beautiful, each of us in our own way. 😀

Have you ever tried to observe people, from a non-judgmental point of view? You will be amazed of the beauty that lies inside all of us, even if we try to hide this beauty with all our effort, in our desperate hope to not get hurt one more time…& sometimes we try to hide our true feelings, emotions and state of mind with nice clothes, fake smiles, beautiful make-up and spectacular stories about how life is amazing for us. Nevertheless we are fascinating to watch!

What I mentioned above is valid, in my point of view, only for people who are passed age 8, and it’s intensifying more and more as time passes by, in such a rapid way, that at age 20, we all wear “protection masks” to hide ourselves from us and from others, for the false purpose of being safe and loved. Because this is what we are taught to do, this is the main brick that stays at the base of education, since….forever.

You will be loved only if you act in this certain way…if not, you will be punished or deprived of my love!”

We are educated in this punishment-reward type of mentality that will govern our main decisions in life, and we won’t even be conscious enough to realise that life is not about others perceptions about us. This is the reason for which we act from a reaction aspect and not from true desire or conscious decision.

Work in progressWhat I mean about this?

Most of our behaviour is a learned behaviour, from our care holders, that integrates perfectly in society and that doesn’t take into account our true nature and the differences between us as human beings. We are all different, so education mustn’t be the same for all of us, if not, we will all become fake copies and we will forget who we truly are, and believe me when I say this to you, is not an easy thing to undone. It is very hard to find yourself after a lot of programming from the society; BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

Now, imagine that every day, all day long, you make decisions, you choose paths, you act and most important, you react from a point of view that it’s not entirely yours to begin with? This to me is frightening, especially since I find myself in the same situation as 99% of us.

What to do? Because we CAN do something, we always have options.

We can start by observing ourselves from a non-judgmental point of view, as like we are looking at somebody else, and consciously be aware of our emotions in different situations, each day.

We can observe WHEN we get nervous, mad, when we feel attacked, when we feel shame, low self-esteem, sadness, powerlessness, or on the other side of the coin, when we feel joy, love, self-worth, compassion, happiness, etc.

After this 1st step we can ask ourselves WHY we feel the way we feel and WHAT is the core reason for our emotions. Is it really the joke that that person made on us, that got us mad, or that joke was just the trigger for a much deeper aspect of us that got buried in us, when we were trying to fit in society and act as “normal” people do? If we react and purge all our insecurities on the person that just made a joke on us, we will be reacting from our insecurities, and not from our true self…At least this how I see things now.

We have to dig into ourselves to rejoice with our true nature and make peace with our past. This will ensure us a much more realistic action and reaction to life itself.

We were all hurt in life and we were all disappointed at some point, but in order to not let those experiences to act on us the way they do nowadays we have to make peace with them and we have to get conscious and to find a completion somehow.

We are all work in progress and this is not wrong, actually is the very best thing that could happened to us, because this means we are getting more conscious each day and we can live more and more close to our true nature, to our true personality, like a child does. 😀

We are all trying to do our best; we are all waking up, each on our own path.


I for myself, I have to say: “I AM WORK IN PROGRESS!

I am on the path of discovering myself each day.

I am discovering myself:

With each mistake that I make,

With each bad decision that I take,

With each smile that I bring on somebody else’s lips,

With each song that I sing out loud

With each walk that I take in the park

With each food that I eat

With each tear that I drop

With each joke that I say

With each kiss that I receive

With each hug that I give

With each resentment that I hold

With each injustice that I see or make

With every single bit of air that I breath

I am …LOADING, I am in a process, and I progress

Just like a 8 year old!

Girl on beach on sunset

Let’s seek for progression, not for perfection, let’s walk our own unique paths and let’s bring our emotions with us, daily. Emotions are our friends; they guide us to the things that we love. 😀

Don’t you ever be afraid to express them, regardless of their type 😀

I am relearning how to do this every day

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