Stand up for what you believe in

“Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone” – Andy Biersack I have so much to say about this subject and so much to share with you, my friends that I feel a day won’t last me to write this article; but I will try to organize my thoughts into logical sentences We are all born with the sense of confidence in ourselves; all the kids have confidence in themselves, by default. Taking into account the lack of courage and self-expression that we see today in the world we can assume that somewhere on the road we lost our confidence and our personality. When did we start to appreciate others ideas about life, more than our

Let your PASSION come to surface

I want to begin by saying that each one of us has passion hidden inside. There is no human being on this Earth who doesn’t have passion for something. Passion is our true nature and usually it’s discovered by listening to ourselves. I hear a lot of people saying that they don’t have any passion and because of this they don’t fell motivated to do anything. Instead, they are doing activities that they hate; they are surrounded by people that they don’t like, listening to music that puts them in a bad mood and so on. These are habits that start in childhood, for most of us and they continue, unfortunately all our lives, without us learning that this is

BELIEFS, DREAMS & REALITY or… The true Law Of Atraction

BELIEFS, DREAMS & REALITY or                        … The true Law Of Atraction Everyone wants a single thing from life: HAPPINESS! That’s all! For some people this sounds very complicated and for others sounds very simple and normal. For both categories of people happiness is all, the “Alfa & Omega”, “the last frontier”, “the cheery on top of the chocolate cake”, shortly said: the essence of life. In my point of view happiness is our true nature, we are happy by default. Imagine a newborn baby in his mother’s arms, smiling just because he exists and because he feels alive and safe. This is the “print” which we bring to this world, the desire to be happy no matter what. We