GRAPE JUICE… a miracle for health

GRAPE JUICE… a miracle for health

…and this is not just another lie! 😀 I never liked grapes enough to actually eat them regularly, not even seasonally. Why? I really don’t know…actually to be honest I love the taste of grapes but I hate the seeds and the skin that covers each bean of grape, mostly the seeds. I do like raisins instead, I love raisins actually. Maybe I’m spoiled or my brain is damaged in a way that it doesn’t accept grape seeds! 😀 Of course… whole foods are always the best option for our body, but still, how to enjoy the fresh flavour of grapes in autumn, when you don’t like their seeds? For me this was a though one. Somehow I figure it

RAMSONS – April’s favourite

Everything in nature has a purpose and keeping it between us, nothing is accidental. No matter how much we try to be independent of nature … it doesn’t always work, actually it never works. Nature works only accordingly to pre-established laws and is adapting all the time to different conditions, which unfortunately today, are increasingly harsh. I don’t want to generalize, but the cruel and barbaric ways in which we approach nature and even ourselves, are unwise and without clear judgment. For nature does not need to worry too much, it remains alive, with us or without us, depending on what we choose … and I hope we choose correctly and knowingly! With this in mind, today we start a

Dr. ROBERT MORSE & his book

“The Detox Miracle Sourcebook” I could talk hours and hours about this incredible man. He is changing the world, no doubt about this; and the most important thing is that he is bringing us to a better understanding about life, health, true values and healing at a deep level. According to the description found on : “Dr. Robert Morse is a board certified and accredited Naturopathic physician, a biochemist and an herbalist. He is the founder of a naturopathic clinic, an herb pharmacy, and a school of detoxification. Dr. Morse was a protégé of the late Dr. Bernard Jensen, the founder of the science of Iridology, and a great advocate of raw food. Jensen called Morse, “one of the