Not very long ago, I had the feeling that I began to see around me more and more injustice, increasingly more sad people, more hypocrisy, increasingly more stubbornly … and the list can continue on and on. I had the feeling that the world is changing for the worse, as everything I dreamed when I was a kid was now an illusion and that true happiness is really a child’s play, and we are now adults … and how to play ?! It is intolerable to live as an adult with a child’s soul, right? Not to say about those famous words that our parents tell us when we are little children: “Enjoy childhood as it lasts, as you’ll see

BELIEFS, DREAMS & REALITY or… The true Law Of Atraction

BELIEFS, DREAMS & REALITY or                        … The true Law Of Atraction Everyone wants a single thing from life: HAPPINESS! That’s all! For some people this sounds very complicated and for others sounds very simple and normal. For both categories of people happiness is all, the “Alfa & Omega”, “the last frontier”, “the cheery on top of the chocolate cake”, shortly said: the essence of life. In my point of view happiness is our true nature, we are happy by default. Imagine a newborn baby in his mother’s arms, smiling just because he exists and because he feels alive and safe. This is the “print” which we bring to this world, the desire to be happy no matter what. We