I will never forget those days when I used to see sesame bars, for sale, at the farmers market, when I went to the mountains with my grandparents. What a feeling! Beautiful times, beautiful years, true joy! Those bars were incredible tasty and I felt like I was in Wonderland… just like Alice. 😀 I was jumping all around because I was very happy that I could find and eat sesame bars in my vacation at the mountains. I didn’t had any clue, that those same sesame seeds , that I used to love as a child, would become, after years and years, a topic of study for me. 😀 Well this is life…unpredictable. Because I love sesame seeds so


Long time…no writing. A lot happened, good stuff for which I am thankful every day, but now I am back to have some fun … I missed writing… Have you ever thought for a second what your life would look like now if you hadn’t forgot your worth along the way? I did… many times and I still wonder, from time to time, what my life would look like today if, for example, I hadn’t listen to my parents to follow a school that I didn’t love, if sometimes I didn’t tried to hide my feelings or my voice or my opinions to the rest of world. What would have happened today if yesterday and the day before yesterday I

Let your PASSION come to surface

I want to begin by saying that each one of us has passion hidden inside. There is no human being on this Earth who doesn’t have passion for something. Passion is our true nature and usually it’s discovered by listening to ourselves. I hear a lot of people saying that they don’t have any passion and because of this they don’t fell motivated to do anything. Instead, they are doing activities that they hate; they are surrounded by people that they don’t like, listening to music that puts them in a bad mood and so on. These are habits that start in childhood, for most of us and they continue, unfortunately all our lives, without us learning that this is