Why juicing is a good habit in my opinion?

Why juicing is a good habit in my opinion?

I got inspired to write this blog post because there is a lot of misconception around this subject and I feel like expressing myself in regards to juicing, as a habit. I know that juicing seems a pretty new thing, like a fashion trend, but let me tell you that this is simply not true. For example in 1920 Max Gerson was using raw fresh squeezed juices combined with a vegetarian diet to heal different disease. Max Gerson was a german scientist and let me tell you that he did a pretty nice job in healing his patients from different chronic diseases.  In 1936 another great man, Dr. Norman Walker invented the Norwalk juicer and he made juicing a practice


I am not sure if every one of you heard about buckwheat, until now, and I am pretty convinced that most of you didn’t taste it so far. Let’s change that! 1st of all, buckwheat is a plant that is cultivated for its grain-like seeds, it tastes great and you can cook it in so many different recipes. You will love the taste of it. You can make salty recipes or sweet recipes with buckwheat…it is so versatile. 😀 2nd of all, it is a super healthy produce: Amazing source of high quality protein Great for high blood pressure Non-allergenic and good with your digestion(gluten free) Helps with drawing out retained water It’s not a grain, so doesn’t contain gluten

Blood Oranges

I discovered blood oranges 2 years ago, in a pretty well known supermarket in my town. At first I didn’t even knew that blood oranges exists. I know, it sounds silly, but this is the truth. I just thought that the pasteurized juice found in stores, labeled as “Red Blood Orange Juice” was just normal OJ colored in some red. Let’s say that I believed in some type of conspiracy theory regarding this subject. …not proud about it! The red blood orange is roughly the same size as a normal orange, but sometimes varies in size. The distinctive red blood color is due to the presence of anthocyanins, a family of antioxidant pigments common in many fruits and even flowers, but uncommon in

Arugula … 5 ways to enjoy it

I usually buy and eat arugula whenever I find it fresh and crispy in the supermarket, even though the supermarket is not my favorite place for buying greens, fruits or legumes. Unfortunately, I cannot find arugula at the farmers market. Anyway … I just absolutely love this amazing plant, first because it tastes amazing, 2nd because I can combine it with lots of other foods and 3rd because it is extremely nutritious and healthy. When I 1st tasted arugula it seemed a bit bitter to me, because I wasn’t used to its flavor, but after a couple of times I felled in love with it. Taking this into account I have decided to make a small research on this delicious