Long time…no writing. A lot happened, good stuff for which I am thankful every day, but now I am back to have some fun … I missed writing… Have you ever thought for a second what your life would look like now if you hadn’t forgot your worth along the way? I did… many times and I still wonder, from time to time, what my life would look like today if, for example, I hadn’t listen to my parents to follow a school that I didn’t love, if sometimes I didn’t tried to hide my feelings or my voice or my opinions to the rest of world. What would have happened today if yesterday and the day before yesterday I

Stand up for what you believe in

“Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone” – Andy Biersack I have so much to say about this subject and so much to share with you, my friends that I feel a day won’t last me to write this article; but I will try to organize my thoughts into logical sentences We are all born with the sense of confidence in ourselves; all the kids have confidence in themselves, by default. Taking into account the lack of courage and self-expression that we see today in the world we can assume that somewhere on the road we lost our confidence and our personality. When did we start to appreciate others ideas about life, more than our


Why authentic? First of all, what means to be authentic? Let’s start this, by defining the word: authenticity. According to the definition, authenticity means the quality of being authentic; the quality of being genuine, real, true and accurate. This sounds pretty easy, but in fact, how many of us experience authenticity in our life? Better, how many of us have the courage to be and to express the authentic state of our soul all the time, or at least…sometimes?