Let’s start the saga… If you Google “vegetarianism” you will be surprised of how people like to define and label other people, their beliefs and especially their food choices. This is a fact! We just love to put labels to others and sometimes to ourselves and we get pretty disappointed when we don’t manage to stick to the label that we had arranged so nicely on our forehead… and we get frustrated and disappointed in ourselves. This is so normal in our current society, that we don’t see it anymore as something weird. I don’t like definitions in general (as you can see), but for the sake of this article I will do my best to handle this one particular

Blue Planet and Earthlings

I get very emotional when it comes to Earth, the blue planet. I almost get speechless. I do hope, however, to chill out and write with passion about the incredible place that all of us chose as home. My love for Earth has roots in childhood, since the times when my father was reading enthusiastically books written by Isaac Asimov (for those who do not know, Isaac Asimov was an author of science fiction). He was always reading at least 1 page before going to sleep. I remember that I was laughing inside of me when his hands were trembling under the weight of the book and finally, the book was landing surely over his eyes, and then….. He was