Why I love PARSLEY ?

Why I love PARSLEY ?

We’ve been really good friends since I was a little child, but now we are really inseparable. It wasn’t really hard for me to bond with my dear parsley… actually most of the times; it was present in my food. In my household parsley was very often used, as you can imagine. Now I realise the fact that not only I was in love with parsley, but I guess parsley was in love with me also, otherwise I could not explain why parsley would wave to me from the farmers market, every time I went there with my dad. 😀 How can you not love it? It is green, cheerful and tasty… really tasty; on top of all these qualities,


Do you have any idea of how sweet, colorful and juicy is the watermelon juice? Have you ever tried to juice watermelon? Well… I can tell you that last week, in a Tuesday morning, my senses were pampered. So, like I said, Tuesday morning…I got up a bit earlier than usual. I opened the fridge, and there it was: one big sweet watermelon. It was exactly what I need it that morning…a juicy vibrant fruit. So I decided to juice it and to make myself a big jar of watermelon juice, for the 1st time in my life. I must tell you that I was both excited and curios. Well… The recipe is pretty hilarious, as you can assume: Watermelon

Arugula … 5 ways to enjoy it

I usually buy and eat arugula whenever I find it fresh and crispy in the supermarket, even though the supermarket is not my favorite place for buying greens, fruits or legumes. Unfortunately, I cannot find arugula at the farmers market. Anyway … I just absolutely love this amazing plant, first because it tastes amazing, 2nd because I can combine it with lots of other foods and 3rd because it is extremely nutritious and healthy. When I 1st tasted arugula it seemed a bit bitter to me, because I wasn’t used to its flavor, but after a couple of times I felled in love with it. Taking this into account I have decided to make a small research on this delicious

Orange juice and Turmeric powder… sun in a glass

In the cold season, one of my favorite juices is fresh squeezed orange juice… heavenly delicious! When I buy oranges I follow a funny ritual: I take an orange in my hands, first I check the color, then I gently squeeze it, to be sure that it is juicy, I smell it … and then I finally smile, because each orange remembers me of Christmas holiday, which is my favorite holiday of all, since I was a child. I have always enjoyed the smell and the taste of oranges, as I already mentioned it, but never really enjoyed their texture, I don’t know why, probably because of the layer of skin that covers the beautiful, juicy orange cells. As you